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  • Shipping costs are not included in the cost of an order.
  • Shipping an order under 45kilo is by DHL courier service. An order weighing 45kilo or more is shipped by regular cargo service.
  • Minimum purchase from available stock is $500.
  • Minimum purchase for custom orders is $1,000.
  • We use standard quality cotton fabric for orders pulled from inventory. Higher quality cotton fabrics are available for custom orders if requested.
  • Batik copper stamps created for custom orders are at an additional cost to the customer - prices depend on the detail and size of the fabric motif.
  • Return policy for damaged goods.
  • Sizes are generous and correspond directly to the age of a child - a size 4 for a four year old and so on.
  • BaliBoo Boxers is committed to environmental awareness. A minimal amount of plastic is used in the shipping of our garments to reduce plastic waist whenever possible.


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