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Wearing the one and only original BaliBoo Batik Boxer Shorts for boys is fun. Being able to sleep in a boxer short pajama set made from wildly colorful and creative batik fabric is even better. Order colorful pajama sets for boys made out of the same soft handmade batik fabric as our boxer shorts by selecting either of 2 different boy’s shirt styles above. There is nothing in the market place as fun and inspiring for kids to wear.

100% cotton handmade batik BaliBoo Boxer pajama top

size ranges

size: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

Wholesale and Custom Orders

Surely batik fabric motifs created exclusively for your particular retail location will add something distinctive to your retail offerings. BaliBoo Boxer Shorts for Kids is ready to assist in designing fabric motifs just for you. Whether located at a zoo, a popular beach boardwalk, a busy ski resort, or a famous tourist destination, our designers will create seasonal, color coordinated boxer short products using motifs designed for your particular business needs. Just imagine, even a simple business logo or business name can be reproduced in handmade batik fabric and fabrics colors can be chosen to coordinate with a particular interior color scheme or business logo.

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