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Girl wearing a pair of BaliBoo Boxer shorts

Hand Made Batik Fabrics

Girls love to lounge and sleep in soft, colorfully fun boxer shorts too. BaliBoo Boxers wholesale batik boxer shorts for girls are a shorter, more fitted version that suits a girl’s sense of fashion and style. Batik fabric motifs and colors; pastel florals, bright geometrics, polka dots and hearts to name a few, are creatively coordinated to fit everyone’s taste. Experienced Javanese batik makers in Bali hand color and batik our soft 100% cotton one roll at a time. BaliBoo designers can also create new fabric motifs and color combinations you believe will enhance the sales of BaliBoo Boxer shorts in your particular marketplace. See Making Batik for details about handmade batik.

No Shrinkage

BaliBoo Boxer Shorts fabrics have been boiled during the batik process to ensure no shrinkage after washing

Fabric Care Instructions

Our batik fabric has been tested in the United States for color fastness. We recommend BaliBoo Boxers be washed separately or with like colors in cold water with mild detergent. Immediately dry separately or with like colors in the dryer on medium heat before being worn for the first time. Continue to wash BaliBoo Boxer shorts with like colors in cold water and mild detergent.

Simple & Generous Sizes

Children's clothing sizes can be confusing. "BaliBoo Boxers" sizes are generous and correspond directly to the age of a child - a size 4 for a four year old and so on.

size ranges

size: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

BaliBoo Boxer short set and batik fabric pouch packaging

Wholesale and Custom Orders

Exclusive batik fabric motifs and coordinated color combinations can be created each season for your particular customer base. Whether located at the beach, at a ski resort, at a zoo, or a hot tourist spot, BaliBoo Boxers offers to design a collection of prints and colors created exclusively for your particular wholesale business needs.

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